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Pet Door For Screens

     Gate>Way™ is designed for screened storm or patio doors, windows and any other screened areas to allow in/out access for your pet. Pets can easily push open the flexible hinged door and it can be secured with the “snap latch” feature when you want to prevent access. Simply push the latch down to lock the door and lift it up to unlock the door.
     Gate>Way™ has a patented pin hole method that eliminates the need for special installation tools and it only takes a few minutes to install.

Click for PDF Instructions


(1.)    A. Remove the screen.
           B. Lay it down on a flat hard surface.
           C. Place the frames on opposite sides,
preferably in the corner.

(2.)     Align pins with holes and press down firmly with the palm of your hand or tap together with a hammer. Make sure all door and frame snaps are fully together.

(3.)     A. Cut sides and bottom of door away from frame.
            B. Snap latch into slot.
            C. Be careful to cut corners completely.